River Ts Coin offers you the opportunity to take part in the creation of a messenger that allows you not only to communicate with people around the world for free, but also to make a profit.

The release of our cryptocurrency - the River Ts Coin coin - allows us to attract investments in this ambitious project.

On September 24, the coin will be withdrawn through the exchange into open money circulation. At the same time, a global presentation will take place, where all important information for investors will be reviewed.

Now there is a beta version of the messenger and further development is underway. By participating and testing a messenger, you can influence how cool it can become. All your suggestions for additional features and design will be taken into account by the developers.

When testing the beta version of the messenger, all participants will be credited with one coin per day.

The messenger has a built-in Web Wallet where you can store River Ts Coin. In the future, you can exchange them for material values, sell, invest in a promising project or pay for all kinds of services with them.

We are running a powerful marketing campaign on social networks aimed at popularizing the project.

There is already a lot of interest from crypto enthusiasts and investors from North and Latin America, as well as Asia, and indeed around the world.

Among the main advantages of early investors having the opportunity to purchase the River Ts Coin on resale are the ability to diversify the investment portfolio, buy a non-fiat asset, invest in an innovative way, and early access to a coin that has the potential to grow in value.

Our team employs specialists with successful experience in the implementation of several profitable and successful projects.

In our time, many people are unreasonably afraid to invest in innovation. Of course, there is always the possibility of facing scammers or investing in an unprofitable project. In the case of our project, this is impossible, because the River Ts Coin company performs its work on the basis of license.

Many are hampered by a lack of awareness of the cryptocurrency world and how it works in general. But there is a huge amount of information about this on the Internet in an accessible form. At the same time, there are many new examples of successful projects, the attitude towards which was initially skeptical. Now these skeptics bite their elbows, and the lucky ones who believe in the success of the project are resting on their laurels. And what prevents us from believing?


Coin River TS Coin is a financial corporation River Coins. River Coins is the owner of the River Talks messenger. River Talks owns shares of River TS Coin. A certain amount of coins will be issued for using the messenger every month. For bonus coins, you can pay for advertising in the messenger, and put up for sale with a certain balance in your wallet. You will also be able to pay for the services that companies that advertise in the messenger provide.

River Coins is developing such business lines as its mail service, cryptocurrency exchange, as well as other currencies, and its own payment system. You will have your own online auction at which any works of art will be sold. Now imagine your online casino, your international real estate portal, your online platform, which will not be inferior even to Amazon, file sharing and much more. After all, we can build it all together. Personnel for leadership positions will be selected from the River Coins network, in accordance with human abilities. The River TS coin is backed by ad revenue from the River coins network.